Young Indiana Jones

The Overview:
Interactive journals, maps, and timelines introduce users to the fictional world of Young Indiana Jones.

The DVD:
Released with the DVD collection of the Young Indiana Jones television series, these companion interactives take the viewer into the early-20th century, when the fictional archaeologist met historic figures, experienced historic events, and lived a life of high adventure.

By referencing major world happenings, the timeline provides context for the real-world events depicted in the TV show.  An interactive journal emulates Indy’s leather-bound journal he’s seen updating on-screen, with hand-drawn illustrations and text written from his perspective as both a young boy and later as a young man.  Photographs, stills from the show, video, audio, maps, and original documentaries bring to life the dynamic life and times of the young explorer.

"Words can barely describe how delighted we are at the final outcome of the timeline. You and your team did a fantastic job and I hope that you are as pleased as we are. I know that we've talked about it before, but our successful partnership felt right from the very beginning and that intuition was consistently reinforced as we went ahead. It is with deep admiration that we say ‘Thank You.’ " David Schneider, Lucasfilm.

“A great balance of narrative and timelines for navigating history.”  Communication Arts Interactive Annual, September/October 2008.

Project completed as an employee of Terra Incognita Productions.

Lucasfilm, 2007

Communications Arts Interactive Design Annual, 2008