Sea Monsters Virtual Dig

The Overview:
Users can excavate a virtual dig, uncovering fossilized remains

The Site:
With their tools, specialized skills, and a little luck, paleontologists discover the remains of dinosaurs and sea monsters hidden in rocks.  Choosing one of the three virtual digs, users can discover an ancient fight to the death, the last moments of a parent dinosaur on its nest, or an ancient fish—within the belly of another ancient fish.  Visitors take control of various tools—brushes, picks, and even tiny dental instruments to remove debris and rock from the fossilized remains.

Once the remains have been uncovered, they are packaged for shipment, sent to the lab, and uncovered for further examination.  Highlighted areas reveal the story that the fossils can tell.  Eventually the user, in the role of the paleontologist, generates a report that can be emailed to a friend.

Website funded in part by a grant from the National Science Foundation.

Project completed as an employee of Terra Incognita Productions.

National Geographic, 2007