Return to Midway

The Overview:
Dive down over three miles beneath the surface of South Pacific waters to seek five aircraft carriers lost during 1942’s Battle of Midway.

The Site:
On their way to the ocean floor, website visitors pass markers that give a sense of scale to Ballard’s expedition—past the levels where whales often hunt the elusive giant squid, nuclear submarines can dive, and other lost ships have been found.

The story of the Battle of Midway is told online through the short essays, biographies, archival images, and schematics of the lost ships.   Dispatches from the expedition track the daily progress of the team, culminating in the discovery of the USS Yorktown on nearly the last day of the exploration.

"Sites that do well on the Web typically have one thing in common: They combine information in different forms into one seamless, cohesive whole while mining the advantages the technology. Encountering such sites is a pleasure because going through its pages is an effortless experience. Yet, as a reader, you know that a lot of thinking went into the site’s design. Such is the case of National Geographic's Return to Midway." Seattle Times, May 17, 1998.

Project completed as an employee of National Geographic. Roles fulfilled: Quality assurance, programming.

National Geographic, 1998

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