Monticello Classroom

The Overview:
Educators and parents can access resources about Thomas Jefferson and life at Monticello in this virtual classroom setting.

The Site:
Visitors to this website targeted to educators and parents can access biographies, artifacts, paintings, documents, and letters drawn from the Monticello collections. Teachers can create and manage password-protected digital classrooms, where they can give assignments, receive completed assignments from their students, and present authoritative resources about this important American landmark.

A slideshow builder helps educators organize their classroom presentations and the online lesson plan builder lets them store—and potentially share—their lessons online. Using a kid-friendly activity, visitors can learn the basics of neo-classical architecture while creating their own virtual house.

An easy-to-use CMS allows Monticello staff to edit and maintain regular updates to this website.

Project completed as an employee of Terra Incognita Productions.

The Thomas Jefferson Foundation, 2008