Grand Canyon: The Hidden Secrets

The Overview:
Explore the landmarks, plants, and animals that can be found at the Grand Canyon through this interactive map.

The Site:
As one of the world’s natural wonders, the Grand Canyon is more than the beautiful geological layers and deep crevasses.  This interactive map lets visitors explore the some of the historic places and events found along the Canyon’s South Rim, see some of the animals and plants that can be found there, and learn little-known facts about this must-see destination.

Originally built as a companion to National Geographic’s IMAX film.

“Hard to imagine one of the most photographed spots on Earth has any secrets left, yet as National Geographic uncovers, the world-famous crack has a few gems tucked away in its nooks and crannies.”  Yahoo! Picks, August 30, 2004.

Project completed as an employee of National Geographic.

National Geographic, 2004

Yahoo! Web Pick