The Genographic Project

The Overview:
The website of this five-year project from National Geographic and IBM exploring how genetics can reveal the deepest history of the human experience.

The Site:
The website serves as the centerpiece to The Genographic Project, providing information to the public about the project, encouraging public participation, and offering secure, confidential results to those participants.   Participants each receive a unique code, which gives them access to lengthy essays, original videos from the project's director, interactive maps, and unique genetic results revealing their haplogroup.

The Genetics Overview presents online activities that help explain the science behind the anthropology, from genetic drift to mutations, to the parts of the Y-chromosome and mitochondrial DNA that geneticists study in this project.

A database and CMS helps editors keep up with announcements, updates, and new discoveries.

“You may ask yourself, 'Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going?'  On this National Geographic site you’ll find a wealth of information answering those questions, from a genetics overview to an interactive atlas.  The Genographic Project invites you to uncover your own genetic migratory profile.”  Yahoo! Picks, April 26, 2005.

“The story of how you got there to that desk chair you’re currently occupying is told, through the wonders of genetics, at this absorbing National Geographic site. Our hats off most sincerely to the designer who worked out the presentation of this material in an absolutely clear format that you just can’t stop clicking through.”  USA Today Web Guide, April 22, 2005.

Project completed as an employee of National Geographic.

National Geographic, 2005

CODiE Award, Best Science Software Solution, 2006
USA Today Hot Site
Webby Award, Science
Webby Award, Winner, People's Voice
Yahoo! Daily Pick