The Ford Motor Company Rouge Factory

The Overview:
Once an environmental disaster area from decades of industrial use, intense environmental recovery efforts by The Ford Motor Company renewed this historic factory, making it one of the most “green” factories in the United States.

The Site:
A variety of recovery efforts were used at Rouge Factory.  Greenery cover acres of rooftops, water recovery systems allow re-established wetlands to thrive with healthy, newly-returned creatures, and once poisonous soil now hosts fields of grasses.  Even the interior of the factory was enhanced with more natural light and ergonomic equipment, making it a better environment for the workers, too. Through a series of original interactives, each chapter of the recovery is expressed with a different activity demonstrating how it was done, how it functions, and the results of those efforts. 

After deployment as a website on National Geographic, The Henry Ford Museum requested that the interactive also be repurposed for use in the museum.  Today, it is installed on the kiosks found in the Museum’s observation deck.

Project completed as an employee of National Geographic.

National Geographic, 2004