Forces of Nature

The Overview:
Hurricanes.  Tornadoes.  Earthquakes.  Volcanoes.  Visitors take control of Mother Nature’s most powerful events.

The Site:
Nearly every person on Earth will experience one of these natural phenomena.  Now using interactive 3D models and animated graphics they can take set in motion a natural event that twists, roars, shakes, and erupts across their screen.  Historical photos, timelines, Flash-driven maps, and case studies reveal the evidence of nature’s fury unleashed.

Originally built as a companion to the IMAX movie of the same title and funded in part by a grant from the National Science Foundation.

“Go inside the eye of a hurricane with this fantastic 3D primer and uncover Ivan’s terrible secrets, as well as the science behind other natural disasters. From volcanic geysers … to tornado alley and terrifying temblors in Asia, the forces of nature are a nearly unpredictable brew of meteorological and geologic events.” Yahoo! Picks, September 20, 2004.

“I was instantly pulled in.  The layout is clean and well considered.  There was no sensation of information overload, and the payoff was being able to interact with the ‘forces of nature’ that the site was endeavoring to explain.”  Communication Arts Interactive Annual, September/October 2005.

Project completed as an employee of National Geographic.

National Geographic, 2004

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