Crittercam: Virtual Worlds

The Overview:
Get a critter’s-eye view of the world when you explore these immersive online expeditions and meet the animals that inhabit these habitats.

The Site:
Whether on the surface of polar ice or deep beneath the surface of the ocean, experience the Arctic, Antarctic, and the Deep Sea from the point of view of seals and whales. 

With illustrations inspired from actual Crittercam footage, these 3D worlds are inhabited by animals at all levels of the food chain—the tiniest krill to the apex predators.  Visitors move with the creature, from the surface, to a deep dive, and back to the surface.  Clicking on each animal as it moves through the scene reveals photographs and profiles of each animal.  When the visitor has encountered every animal in the habitat, downloadable wallpapers are offered as a prize.

This project was completed under a grant from the National Science Foundation.

Project completed as an employee of National Geographic.

National Geographic, 2004