Chisholm Trail Heritage Museum

The Overview

Wildflower worked with Terra Incognita Productions to write the text for three interactive stations at the Chisholm Trail Heritage Museum exploring the history of cattle drives in Texas.

The Interactives

“Come ‘n’ Get It” puts the visitor in the role of “Cookie,” tasked with serving up a tasty meal. Touch screen interactives let you make coffee, biscuits, beans, and steaks—all before the hungry hands show up for their meal. Make a mistake and the grumpy cook lets you know what you’ve done wrong, though!

“Explore the Chuck Wagon” lets visitors closely explore this important staple of the Texas cattle drive. Open drawers, pull back the brake, and set up the wagon to fix a meal. 

“Lead a Trail Drive” takes visitors up the trail, on a mission to get as many healthy cattle as possible from Texas to Kansas. Visitors contend with stampedes and other hazards as they try to get their herd to market.

Chisholm Trail Heritage Museum