1968: The Year That Rocked Our World

The Overview:
An interactive timeline and pop quiz complemented an article in AARP Magazine about the significance of the year 1968.

The Site:
With echoes of late-60s design aesthetic, this fact-filled, Flash-based timeline traces the tumultuous events of that year through archival footage and iconic photographs, all underscored by a 60s-era soundtrack. Exclusive interviews with those who made the news, those who reported it, and those who witnessed it gave the timeline authority and authenticity.

The pop quiz asked users to test their knowledge of this year to determine if they were merely groovy or truly outta sight with questions drawn from political events and popular culture.

Project completed as an employee of Terra Incognita Productions.

"'1968 – The Year that Rocked Our World' immerses visitors in the sights, sounds and events of a transformational American moment. Using an innovative timeline format with embedded videos, audio clips, photographs, pop culture quizzes and contemporary interviews with some of the major names of the time, AARP creates a 360-degree experience of the news, sports, music, and history-making moments—public and private—of that watershed year. This is AARP’s first National Magazine Award."  American Society of Magazine Editors, April 30, 2009.

AARP the Magazine Online, 2008

American Society of Magazine Editors, Best Interactive Feature, 2009